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Sustainable Freight Priority Projects by Theme for 2020

1. Theme: California Spatial Transportation/Energy Modeling (in cooperation with Energy Futures Program)

1.1. Construction of core spatial model

1.2. Data collection and development to support spatial modeling

1.2.1. Spatial Database of California Climate and Clean Energy Investments

1.3. Transportation systems infrastructure modeling

1.4. Transportation systems emissions modeling

1.5. Linkage of spatial modeling to power generation modeling for California, using CALZEV model


2. Theme: Freight transitions within California

2.1. Achieving the ARB Advanced Clean Trucks Targets through 2030

2.2. Modeling of 2045 net zero emissions in California

2.3. Build on EMA market segment analysis for ZEV Trucks


3. Theme: Urban freight dynamics

3.1. Development of databases

3.2. The impacts of omni-channel distribution (continuation from 2019)

3.3. Routing and telematics (follow-on and continuation from 2019)