Total Cost of Ownership for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles across Selected Vocations 


Miguel Jaller 

Other Researchers

Marshall Miller, Andy Burke


Recently, the team conducted an in-depth analysis of the TCO for fleets using vehicles classes 4-7 for last mile delivery vocations (focusing on parcel deliveries). This research would homogenize the input data (and update the NREL AFLEET tool) to consider different delivery vocations, fuel and vehicle technologies. For this project, the STEPS+ team expects to work closely with our industry partners to produce an input dataset that reflects current market and R&D conditions. In this way, the TCO evaluations can provide other academics, public agencies, and the private sector at large with the tools, and more importantly, accurate data to identify the most financial, technical, and environmentally sustainable option for freight fleets.  

Similar to the previous work, the team will analyze the effectiveness of existing financial incentives and their effects on the TCO. Considering the wide range of freight operations, the team will conduct informal discussions with the partners to try to identify other factors, in addition to vocation and vehicle class, which could serve as differentiating categories. The previous work used FleetDNA data to identify vocation characteristics. As possible, the team will collaborate with the partners to get access to additional data to complement the publicly available driving information.