The Role of Clean Fuel Systems in a California Hydrogen Transition: A Comparison of Hydrogen, Synthetic Natural Gas, and Related Fuels

Burke, Andrew and Lewis Fulton

Social, Technological, and Economic Barriers to Heavy-Duty Truck Electrification

Sugihara, ClaireScott HardmanKenneth S. Kurani

Vehicle Choice Modeling for Light-, Medium-, and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles in California

Burke, AndrewJingyuan ZhaoMarshall MillerLewis Fulton

The Infrastructure Cost for Depot Charging of Battery Electric Trucks

Wang, GuihuaMarshall MillerLewis Fulton

Estimating Last-Mile Deliveries and Shopping Travel Emissions by 2050

Jaller Martelo, MiguelIvan R. XiaoSarah DennisDaniel Rivera-RoyeroAnmol Pahwa

Determinants of Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck Fleet Turnover

Kurani, Kenneth S.Marshall MillerClaire SugiharaEli Alston-StepnitzKevin A. Nesbitt

Overview of Innovations in Urban Freight

Jaller Martelo, MiguelAnmol PahwaCarlos Otero-PalenciaElham Pourrahmani

Future Electric Vehicle Production Plans in the United States and Europe – Will It Be Enough?

Yang, Hong and Lewis Fulton

Modeling the Online Food Delivery Pricing and Waiting Time: Evidence From Davis, Sacramento, and San Francisco

Pourrahmani, ElhamMiguel Jaller MarteloDillon T. Fitch-Polse

Truck Transportation in California: Disaggregating Public Health Costs From Criteria Pollutants

Dennis, Sarah and Miguel Jaller Martelo

Technology and Fuel Transition: Pathways to Low Greenhouse Gas Futures for Cars and Trucks in the United States

Wang, QianMarshall MillerLewis Fulton

Tech Brief: Pipelines for a Hydrogen System in California

Cerniauskas, SimonasLewis FultonJoan M. Ogden

Brief: Freight Companies Can Share Assets to Achieve Cost and Emission Reductions and Transition to Zero Emission Vehicles

Jaller Martelo, Miguel and Carlos Otero-Palencia

Brief: Jobs and Automation in the Freight and Warehousing Sector

Jaller Martelo, MiguelMollie D'AgostinoCarlos Otero-Palencia

Modeling Future Hydrogen Supply Chains in the Western United States Under Uncertainties: An Optimization-Based Approach Focusing on California as a Hydrogen Hub

Vijayakumar, VishnuAlan JennJoan M. Ogden

Modeling Expected Air Quality Impacts of Oregon's Proposed Expanded Clean Fuels Program

Li, YitingGuihua WangColin MurphyMichael J. Kleeman

Pass-Through of Alternative Fuel Policy Incentives: Evidence from Diesel and Biodiesel Markets, the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard, and Low Carbon Fuel Standards in California and Oregon

Mazzone, DanielAaron SmithJulie Witcover

Obtaining the Optimal Origin-Destination Multimodal Freight Transportation Network for the City of Bogotá

Garrido, AlexanderOmar Quintero-EspinosaMiguel Jaller Martelo

Projections of the Costs of Medium- And Heavy-Duty Battery-Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles (2020-2040) And Related Economic Issues

Burke, AndrewJingyuan ZhaoMarshall MillerAnish Kumar SinhaLewis Fulton

Battery Fault Diagnosis and Failure Prognosis for Electric Vehicles Using Spatio-Temporal Transformer Networks

Zhao, JingyuanXuning FengJunbin WangYubo LianMinggao OuyangAndrew Burke

Cycle Life Testing of Lithium Batteries: The Effect of Load-Leveling

Zhao, JingyuanYinhan GaoJianhua GuoLiang ChuAndrew Burke

Specialized Deep Neural Networks for Battery Health Prognostics: Opportunities and Challenges

Zhao, JingyuanXuebing HanMinggao OuyangAndrew Burke

Battery Prognostics and Health Management for Electric Vehicles Under Industry 4.0

Zhao, Jingyuan and Andrew Burke

Battery Prognostics and Health Management From a Machine Learning Perspective

Zhao, JingyuanXuning FengQuanquan PangJunbin WangYubo LianMinggao OuyangAndrew Burke

Spatial-Temporal Self-Attention Transformer Networks for Battery State of Charge Estimation

Shi, DapaiJingyuan ZhaoZhenghong WangHeng ZhaoJunbin WangYubo LianAndrew Burke

Cloud-Based Artificial Intelligence Framework for Battery Management System

Shi, DapaiJingyuan ZhaoChika EzeZhenghong WangJunbin WangYubo LianAndrew Burke

Cloud-Based Deep Learning for Co-estimation of Battery State of Charge and State of Health

Shi, DapaiJingyuan ZhaoZhenghong WangHeng ZhaoChika EzeJunbin WangYubo LianAndrew Burke

Machine Learning for Predicting Battery Capacity for Electric Vehicles

Zhao, JingyuanHeping LingJin LiuJunbin WangAndrew BurkeYubo Lian

Battery Diagnosis: A Lifelong Learning Framework for Electric Vehicles

Zhao, JingyuanJinrui NanJunbin WangHeping LingYubo LianAndrew Burke


E-Commerce and Mobility Trends During COVID-19

Jaller Martelo, Miguel and Sarah Dennis

Evaluation of the Economics of Battery-Electric and Fuel Cell Trucks and Buses: Methods, Issues, and Results

Burke, AndrewMarshall MillerAnish Kumar SinhaLewis Fulton

Use Of Liquid Hydrogen in Heavy-Duty Vehicle Applications: Station And Vehicle Technology and Cost Considerations

Burke, Andrew and Lewis Fulton

Evaluation of the Economics of Light-Duty Battery-Electric and Fuel Cell Passenger Cars, SUVs, and Trucks: Methods, Issues, and Infrastructure

Burke, AndrewAnish Kumar SinhaLewis Fulton

Brief: The Costs of Owning Battery-Electric Trucks – Is the Research Aligning?

Wang, GuihuaLewis FultonMarshall Miller

The Current and Future Performance and Costs of Battery Electric Trucks: Review of Key Studies and A Detailed Comparison of Their Cost Modeling Scope and Coverage

Wang, GuihuaLewis FultonMarshall Miller

Spatial Scenarios for Market Penetration of Plug-in Battery Electric Trucks in the U.S

Miller, MarshallQian WangLewis Fulton

Estimating Maintenance and Repair Costs for Battery Electric and Fuel Cell Heavy Duty Trucks

Wang, GuihuaMarshall MillerLewis Fulton

A Cost-Based Comparative Analysis of Different Last-Mile Strategies for E-commerce Delivery

Pahwa, Anmol and Miguel Jaller Martelo

Assessing E-retailer’s Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jaller Martelo, Miguel and Anmol Pahwa

Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Freight Flows in Southern California

Rivera, DanielMiguel Jaller MarteloChangmo Kim

Brief: Minimizing the Impact of Freight Traffic on Disadvantaged Communities

Jaller, Miguel and Anmol Pahwa

Development, Performance, and Vehicle Applications of High Energy Density Electrochemical Capacitors

Burke, Andrew and Jingyuan Zhao

Assessment of Requirements, Costs, and Benefits of Providing Charging Facilities for Battery-Electric Heavy-Duty Trucks at Safety Roadside Rest Areas

Burke, Andrew

Development of a Logistics Decision Support Tool for Small and Medium Companies to Evaluate the Impacts of Environmental Regulations in California

Jaller Martelo, Miguel and Carlos Otero-Palencia


Spatial Modeling of Future Light- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Travel and Refueling Patterns in California

Acharya, Tri DevAlan JennMarshall MillerLewis Fulton

Low Carbon Scenario Analysis of a Hydrogen-Based Energy Transition for On-Road Transportation in California

Vishnu VijayakumarAlan JennLewis Fulton

Fighting for Curb Space: Parking, Ride-Hailing, Urban Freight Deliveries, and Other Users

Jaller, MiguelCaroline J. RodierMichael ZhangHuachao LinKathryn Lewis

Driving California’s Transportation Emissions to Zero

Brown, AustinDaniel SperlingBernadette AustinJR DeShazoLewis FultonTimothy E. LipmanColin MurphyJean Daniel SaphoresGil Tal, et al.

Brief: The Sustainability of Alternative Last-Mile Delivery Strategies

Jaller, Miguel and Anmol Pahwa

Crowdshipping in Last Mile Deliveries: Operational Challenges and Research Opportunities

Pourrahmani, E., & Jaller, M.

Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Freight Flows in Southern California

Rivera-Royero, D., Jaller, M., & Kim, C. M.

Empirical analysis of the role of incentives in zero-emission last-mile deliveries in California

Jaller, M., Pineda, L., Ambrose, H., & Kendall, A.

Brief: Developing Markets for Clean Heavy-Duty Trucks in Short-Haul Applications

Giuliano, GenevieveMaged DessoukySue DexterJiawen FangShichun HuSeiji SteimetzThomas O'BrienMarshall MillerLewis Fulton

Hydrogen Infrastructure Requirements for Zero-Emission Freight Applications in California

Li, GuozhenJoan M. OgdenMarshall Miller

Developing Markets for Zero Emission Vehicles in Short Haul Goods Movement

Giuliano, GenevieveMaged DessoukySue DexterJiawen FangShichun HuSeiji SteimetzThomas O'BrienMarshall MillerLewis Fulton


Automation, electrification, and shared mobility in urban freight: opportunities and challenges

Jaller, MiguelCarlos Otero-PalenciaAnmol Pahwa

Evaluating Sustainable Vehicle Technologies for Freight Transportation Using Spherical Fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS

Jaller, Miguel and Irem Otay

Health Impact Assessment of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in San Francisco, Bay Area

Pourrahmani, ElhamMiguel JallerNeil MaizlishCaroline J. Rodier

Fostering the Use of Zero and Near Zero Emission Vehicles in Freight Operations

Jaller, MiguelLeticia PinedaYasar GueldasFarzad AlemiIrem Otay

Automation, Electrification, and Shared Mobility in Freight

Miguel JallerCarlos Otero-PalenciaElham PourrahmaniLewis Fulton

Analytical Modeling Framework to Assess the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Residential Deliveries, and Evaluate Sustainable Last-Mile Strategies

Jaller, Miguel and Anmol Pahwa

Comparison of “Advanced” biofuel cost estimates: Trends during rollout of low carbon fuel policies

Julie WitcoverRob Williams

Technology, Sustainability, and Marketing of Battery Electric and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Trucks and Buses in 2020-2040

Burke, Andrew and Anish K. Sinha

Brief: Developing Zero-Emission Bus and Truck Markets Will Require a Mix of Financial Incentives, Sale Mandates, and Demonstration Projects

Burke, Andrew and Marshall Miller

Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-duty Truck Technology, Markets, and Policy Assessments for California

Burke, Andrew and Marshall Miller

E-commerce, Warehousing and Distribution Facilities in California: A Dynamic Landscape and the Impacts on Disadvantaged Communities

Miguel JallerXiaodong QianXiuli Zhang

Brief: E-commerce is Reshaping the Warehousing Landscape – and it May Impact Disadvantaged Communities

Miguel JallerXiaodong QianXiuli Zhang

Technology and Fuel Transition Scenarios to Low Greenhouse Gas Futures for Cars and Trucks in California

Fulton, LewisMarshall MillerAndrew BurkeQian WangChristopher Yang


Inventory and Fleet Purchase Decisions Under a Sustainable Regulatory Environment

Jaller, MiguelCarlos Otero-PalenciaRuben Yie-Pinedo

Multi-Criteria and Multi-Expert Wind Power Farm Location Selection Using a Pythagorean Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Otay, Irem and Miguel Jaller

Evaluating the Environmental Impacts of Online Shopping: A Behavioral Analysis Using the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) Data

Jaller, Miguel and Anmol Pahwa

Simulation-Optimization Framework to Evaluate a Sustainable First Mile Transit Access Program Using Shared Mobility

Jaller, MiguelElham PourrahmaniCaroline J. RodierJoschka Bischoff

Analysis of advanced battery-electric long haul trucks: batteries, performance, and economics

Andrew Burke and Lewis Fulton


A Comparison of Zero-Emission Highway Trucking Technologies

Hengbing Hao, Qian Wang, Lewis Fulton, Miguel Jaller and Andrew Burke


The Prospects for Hydrogen in the Future Energy System

Joan Ogden

Biofuel Tracker: Capacity for Low Carbon Fuel Policies- Assessment through 2018

Julie Witcover and Robert B Williams

An Overview of Costs for Vehicle Components, Fuels, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Total Cost of Ownership – Update 2017

Michael Fries et al. 

Optimization of Hybrid Electric Drive System Components in Long-Haul Vehicles for Evaluation of Customer Requirements

Michael Fries, S Wolff, L Horlbeck, M Kerler, M Lienkamp, A. Burke and L. Fulton

Natural Gas as a Bridge to Hydrogen Transportation Fuel, Insights From The Literature

Joan Ogden, Amy Jaffe, Daniel Scheitrum, Zane McDonald,  and Marshall Miller

Truck Choice Modeling: Understanding California’s Transition to Zero-Emission Vehicle Trucks Taking into Account Truck Technologies, Costs, and Fleet Decision Behavior

Lew Fulton, Marshall Miller, and Qian Wang

Geospatial, Temporal and Economic Analysis of Alternative Fuel Infrastructure: The Case of Freight and U.S. Natural Gas Markets

Yueyue Fan, Allen Lee, Nathan Parker, Daniel Scheitrum, Amy Myers Jaffe, Rosa Dominguez-Faus, and Kenneth Medlock III


Fuel Economy Analysis of Medium/Heavy-duty Trucks – 2015-2050

Andrew Burke and Hengbing Zhao


Cycle Life of Lithium-ion Batteries in Combination with Supercapacitors: The effect of load-leveling (ARTICLE)

Cycle life testing of 18650 Li-ion cells with pulsed charge/discharge profiles (POSTER)

Andy Burke and Jingyuan Zhao

Aspects of Thermal Management of Lithium Batteries in PHEVs Using Supercapacitors

Andy Burke and Hengbing Zhao

Considerations in the use of supercapacitors in combination with batteries in vehicle applications (POSTER)

Andy Burke and Hengbing Zhao

Renewable Natural Gas Provides Viable Commercial Pathway for Sustainable Freight (POLICY BRIEF)

Amy Jaffe, Rosa Dominguez-Faus and Austin Brown

California low carbon fuel policies and natural gas fueling infrastructure: Synergies and challenges to expanding the use of RNG in transportation. 

Daniel Scheitrum, Amy Myers Jaffe, Rosa Dominguez-Faus, and Nathan Parker


Propulsion Systems for 21st Century Rail

Raphael Isaac and Lew Fulton 
July, 2017

What Can Transport Deliver? Contrasting Scenario Pathways with New Technology Penetration

Shigeki Kobayashi, Lewis Fulton, and Maria Figueroa

Can We Reach 100 Million Electric Vehicles World Wide by 2030?

Lew Fulton, Alan Jenn and Gil Tal 


Three Revolutions in Urban Transportation

Lew Fulton – UC Davis, Jacob Mason – ITDP, Dominique Meroux – UC Davis

The Potential to Build Current Natural Gas Infrastructure to Accommodate the Future Conversion to Near-Zero Transportation Technology

Amy Myers Jaffe, Rosa Dominguez-Faus, Joan Ogden, Nathan C. Parker, Daniel Scheitrum, Zane McDonald, Yueyue Fan, Tom Durbin, George Karavalakis, Justin Wilcock, Marshall Miller, Christopher Yang
March 2017

What Affects Millennials’ Mobility? PART II: The Impact of Residential Location, Individual Preferences and Lifestyles on Young Adults’ Travel Behavior in California

Giovanni Circella, Farzad Alemi, Kate Tiedeman, Rosaria Berliner, Youngsung Lee, Lew Fulton, Patricia Mokhtarian and Susan Handy


STEPS White Paper: Exploring the Role of Natural Gas in U.S. Trucking (Revised Version)

By Amy Myers Jaffe, Rosa Dominguez-Faus, Allen Lee, Kenneth Medlock, Nathan Parker, Daniel Scheitrum, Andrew Burke, Hengbing Zhao and Yueyue Fan

Supercapacitors in Micro- and Mild Hybrids with Lithium Titanate Oxide Batteries: Vehicle Simulations and Laboratory Tests

By Hengbing Zhao and Andrew Burke

December, 2015

Modelling and Analysis of Plug-in Series-Parallel Hybrid Medium-Duty Vehicles

By Hengbing Zhao and Andrew Burke
December, 2015

Evaluation of a PV Powered EV Charging Station and its Buffer Battery

By Hengbing Zhao and Andrew Burke
December, 2015

Three routes forward for biofuels: Incremental, leapfrog, and transitional

By Geoff M. Morrison, Julie Witcover, Nathan C. Parker, Lew Fulton
October 24, 2015

The need for biofuels as part of a low carbon energy future

By Lewis M. Fulton, Lee R. Lynd, Alexander Körner, Nathanael Greene and Luke R. Tonachel
June 22, 2015

Analytic Tool to Support the Implementation of Electric Vehicle Programs

By Andrew Burke, Gustavo O. Collantes, Marshall Miller, Hengbing Zhao 
April, 2015

Applications of Supercapacitors in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

By Andrew Burke and Hengbing Zhao 
April, 2015


By Rosa Dominguez-Faus
March 2, 2015

Large urban freight traffic generators: Opportunities for city logistics initiatives

By Miguel Jaller, Xiaokun (Cara) Wang